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Adele Women Association - Nkwanta 'Upper Volta' Ghana

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Paul Yeboah

In 2008 Paul Yeboah started Moringa plantations in rural communities in Brong Ahafo, Ghana. There are now 3,000 farmers and 300 communities involved in this project. He gives moringa seeds away freely to community groups and associations and holds workshops and training seminars teaching cultivation and cultural practices about the numerous uses of the tree “Moringa”.


Moringa promises relief from many devastating diseases, malnutrition and hunger!


Moringa is known as Nature’s Medicine Cabinet.

Eco-farming and Ecology training for children!

Children receiving eco-farming (Permaculture training)


May 2009, Agroforestry Exercise

Plantations were achieved of cocoa, guava, mulberry & avocados.

"Our pathway must be up through the soil,
up through swamps,
up through forests,
up through streams and rocks,
up through commerce, education, and religion!
In my opinion, we cannot begin at the top to build a house.  
If we try to do this, we shall reap in the end the fruits of our folly".

Booker T. Washington

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